Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation – Ready to plan your next family vacation and wondering where to go? For 2023, I’m rounding up some of my favorite family vacation ideas with some suggestions from travel writer friends. From coast to coast, we’re ready to help you choose the best family vacation destinations in America!

On this list, you’ll find a variety of family vacation ideas, some of which are popular attractions you’ve heard of before. Other destinations may be new to you. Some are big cities and some are small cities. For each vacation spot on my list, I’ve included a list of why it’s family-friendly, plus I’ve given you some suggested places to stay or things to do to get you started planning.

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

The cost of a family vacation depends on many factors. Are you traveling by road or by plane? Are you going to see a lot of attractions that require admission or are you going to do mostly free things? Also, where do you live? Five-star resorts are obviously more expensive than staying in a budget motel.

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By my calculations, the average vacation cost is $5,197. If you want to keep track of your vacation expenses on paper, you can print out my vacation budget planner.

Many factors will determine the length of a family vacation. Some studies suggest that vacations should last eight days to reap their benefits.

But for some families, you may be limited depending on how many days you take off from work or school. Restaurants and meals can also add up quickly, so a longer vacation means more money spent on travel.

For our family, we usually like to plan a big family vacation in seven or eight days, depending on the time of travel. If we spend most of our first day flying, we may need an extra day to experience the destination.

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However, to be honest, by day seven, most of us were feeling homesick and a little tired. You don’t want to be so busy during the holidays that you realize you need a vacation after it’s over!

Make as many as you can! πŸ™‚ Our family tries to take at least two family vacations a year, plus a few weekends. But I say you should try to plan a family vacation at least once a year.

I know that responsibilities and finances can affect the frequency of your family vacations. But if you can take the time for a simple weekend getaway, you’ll make memories and experience new things with your kids!

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

I really can’t tell you what the best places in America are for a family vacation. It depends on whether you are looking for something near or far.

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Are you looking to go to the beach or the mountains? Maybe you want to visit a big city or maybe you want to explore the outdoors. All these factors will help you decide which is the best family vacation destination for your family.

Popular destinations for families include Florida, California, Hawaii, Washington, DC, Yellowstone and New York. However, each state has incredible activities and natural beauty that are perfect for families.

I created the following list based on my family vacations and with the help of some travel writing friends. These American destinations are great family vacation ideas!

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While all-inclusive plans are popular in the Caribbean (check out our vacation rentals at Moon Palace in Jamaica), they’re not as common in the United States. There are some all-inclusive resorts in the United States that welcome families. Please note that some hotels only offer all-inclusive options, which you can choose to add to your reservation.

All 50! I’m speaking a little tongue-in-cheek here, but honestly, I think all 50 states offer amazing things that families can take advantage of. I think the best situation for a family vacation depends on the type of vacation you want.

US states have amazing national parks (like Montana and California), others have beautiful oceans or lakes (like Florida or Michigan), and others offer incredible history education opportunities (like Washington, DC and Alabama).

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

You might consider helping your kids start the 50 State Bucket List Challenge and visit as many states as possible when your kids are young. Families who enjoy the outdoors can also find a list of national parks. Don’t miss my article on how to get a free national park pass!

Best Family Vacation Ideas Of 2024

One of our favorite family trips is a road trip along the California coast. We both fell in love with Northern California. The redwood towers of Sequoia National and State Park are absolutely stunning. There are also many family hikes that allow you to learn more about these gods.

Get up close and personal with Atlas, one of the vast Coastal Redwoods in Northern California. Β© Suitcase Packer

Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach is a unique location for great family photos! Nearby McKercher State Park invites kids to get outside, explore and enjoy nature. And you might see whales during the right season!

Northern California is also home to Lassen Volcanic National Park, where kids can see crazy thermal activity and beautiful waterfall heights.

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If you want a lakeside vacation, head to Lake Shasta or Lake Whiskeytown. Families will love boating and basking in the sun on either of these two large lakes.

Estes Park, Colorado, is a great vacation spot for families looking for a national park trip that combines small-town charm with the experience of a big-city day trip. Home of the national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of Mia’s favorite parks. It’s fun travel, beautiful scenery, and lots of wildlife.

Estes Park is a charming town with a main street and many tourist shops, including some great candy and ice cream shops. They also host a fun Pika scavenger hunt that will keep the kids entertained as you stroll down the main street.

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

When you’re ready to experience the excitement of a big city, head to Denver. The trip takes about half an hour, it’s the best way to spend your vacation enjoying the natural scenery and views of the city. If you are an NFL fan, you can also take a tour of Broncos Stadium.

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One of my picks for the best family vacation spots in America is Oahu. This Hawaiian island is home to Honolulu, but offers much more for families to explore. If you want to experience Hawaii, Oahu is your best option.

Makupu’u Lookout is a great place to stay on Oahu for beautiful views and a nice hike/@Stuffed Suitcase

Getting to the island is easy as most major airlines fly to Honolulu, and East Coast travelers can consider a stopover in California if they want to avoid a long flight.

Some of our favorite things to do on Oahu are to climb the Diamond Head Monument, take a road trip around the island, eat a shrimp platter, and of course, enjoy shaved ice.

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You’ll also find plenty of beaches and rock formations to spend the day on. Popular attractions include snorkeling in Hanama Bay, watching surfers on the North Shore, and hiking through Koloa Park and Secret Island.

Many families will choose to stay at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, but some Aulani prefer Disneyland, which is about 45 minutes from Honolulu. You may want to attend a pig roast at the Polynesian Cultural Center or Disney’s Ilani Pig Roast.

We’re a little biased because we live in Seattle, but I think it’s a great city for a family vacation. Families will love exploring the Seattle Center area of ​​the city, where they can visit some of the top attractions.

Best Places To Take Family On Vacation

MoPop Museum should definitely be on your list. They have a lot of pop culture memorabilia and some great music styles. They currently have a Minecraft exhibition! This is a museum about pop culture!

Best Places For An International Family Vacation

Seattle is also home to an impressive children’s museum, the Space Needle, a world-class zoo and aquarium, and the ocean. Kids will love taking the ferry to enjoy the ocean air, searching for crabs and shells on the beach, and even spotting whales. Seattle offers easy access to Olympic National Park, where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

Parents will love all of our great restaurants, bars and parks, which offer great views and plenty of space for kids to run around. If you’re a sports fan, Seattle has football, baseball, soccer, and soon hockey teams, all with loyal fans!

Many family travelers know Southern California as a vacation destination, but Central California is also great for travel.

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