Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon

Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon – Looking for a place to “take care” of your pet but don’t know what could be the best solution for it? You can check out these 2 amazing pet friendly resorts near Gurgaon that your furry friends will absolutely love. 

Pet vacations are important for pet parents because we’ll leave your worries behind about leaving your furry little ones behind when you go out of town. We searched for resorts near Gurgaon and found some spectacular ones that allow pets.

Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon

Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon

Our research is based on real reviews and photos so you can trust us. Go ahead and plan your itinerary. We recommend Wilderness Stay as a personal favorite, but you’ll soon discover how the two compete equally in terms of luxury facilities and treatments. 

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Sariska Tiger Reserve, near the town of Sariska is located in Rajasthan and if you are traveling from Gurgaon, take a train to Rajgarh. This is the nearest railway station to Sariska. From here you can hire a cab or taxi to reach your destination. 

You can catch both luxury buses like AC and Volvo non-AC and also government buses from Gurgaon to Sariska. You need to go to Alwar bus station and take a cab to your resort. 

Taxi services are available and operate between Gurgaon and Sariska. You have to travel by taxi for about three hours to reach the destination, which is about 189 kilometers from the central city. 

You can also go to Sariska if you want. Long trips are always special. So you have to take the NE 4 route and travel about three hours to reach your destination.

Luxury Farmhouse In Gurgaon

Atmosphere – Rajasthan with its stunning landscapes and rugged charm never fails to impress tourists. For example, Hampi Boulder is a tourist destination and is located close to the property. One cannot forget the magnificent presence of the Harwalis. 

Lodging – The resort offers its guests luxurious Swiss tents nestled among the towering Aravallis range. There is a swimming pool that you can enjoy whenever you want to take a relaxing dip. In the evening, you will be welcomed with high tea. 

Tours – you can go on a guided wildlife safari in the Sariska Tiger Reserve while enjoying a bonfire at night. The resort’s uninterrupted WiFi service lets you click Instagram photos to show off your trip. 

Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon

Pet parents – in addition to the pool area, dining room and library, you are free to take your furry friends wherever you want. Let them enjoy the refreshing breeze as you take them for a walk on paved paths specially designed for pet walking. The resort ensures maximum safety for the pets and ensures that the facilities are well placed to give them an enjoyable stay here. 

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Friends – If you are planning a friends trip for a long time but are not sure where it will be then you must visit Sariska and this resort. Take a dip in the pool surrounded by a rugged landscape or relax in the luxury of Swiss-style cabanas. In the morning, people can go on a jungle tour or try camel riding. In the evening, you can just choose to relax in the tent and play board games while the hi tea and snacks come out. 

If you choose a train from Gurgaon, you have to break the journey in consecutive points to reach your destination. Take the train first from Huda Center and then to Dilli Haat. You can take a bus from Kidwai Nagar to Nizamuddin station. Again, take the train from Nizamuddin Railway Station to Sawai Madhopur. From here you will catch a bus or taxi that will take you to your destination.  

You can hire a taxi or cab directly from the main city to Ranthambore. So, you have to drive for about six hours to reach your destination about 351 km from Gurgaon. 

You can drive along NE Route 4 to reach your destination along the scenic highway in about four to five hours. The distance between Ranthambore and Gurgaon is about 350 km. 

Chopra Farms And Resorts, Gurgaon

Atmosphere – The traditional cost of the resort makes this heritage property stand out from others here in Renthambore. The opulence, beauty and artwork on display during your stay is simply top notch. The style of Rajasthani architecture is brilliantly displayed in this exquisite holiday. 

Lodging and Lodging – The staff working at this resort adorn themselves beautifully in traditional Rajasthani attire. This luxurious resort with a colonial feel and beautiful design represents the luxurious palace life you can experience in this time capsule. Air-conditioned rooms with private balconies will be magical as you spend time admiring the high hills around you. 

Activities – you can go to the lodge’s spa center to rejuvenate your mind and body with relaxing massages and luxurious treatments. The glistening blue water swimming pool of the property reflects the splendor of Rajasthan itself. You can also enjoy board games with friends and family after a hearty traditional meal. There is a bookstore inside the resort that you can visit to pick up your favorite dramatic novel and read it in your luxurious room away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon

Pet parents – the resort ensures maximum comfort for pets with pet cabins customized for them and healthy and delicious menus customized for little furballs. Spacious lawns and gardens with paved paths open up for the pets to play and frolic with their parents. 

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Family – Accommodation costs for children under the age of 5 are charged at an additional fee per household. However, there is a charge for children aged 5-12 years. 

Friends – Use the personal tea and coffee machine in the room to make a cup of hot drink while you chat animatedly with friends. And if you want to learn something else, shuffle the UNO cards and find out who owns the cards. 

So that’s pretty much all we have to share with you about two pet friendly Rajasthani resorts near Gurgaon.

We personally really like the Wilderness Stay, but you can definitely choose what you like best for your fluff ball. 

Weekend Farmhouse Getaway & Wedding Venue

Enter the email address associated with your account and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. Pet adoption is on the rise and especially in these stressful times, pets provide essential joy and stress relief. Needless to say, if people have pets, they’ll want to take them on vacation However, there is a dearth of pet-friendly resorts in India, but gradually some hospitality companies have realized this need and converted their properties into pet-friendly hotels and resorts.

We assume you’ve done a lot of research if you’re looking for a vacation to take with your furry friend. Your search ends here! Leading the way are Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Manesar and Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Goa, which offers some of the best pet-friendly hotels in India, is a haven for pet-friendly vacations.

Very conveniently located near Gurgaon in the National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR), Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Manesar is an easy ride with your pet from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and even Jaipur. It is a large Haveli style resort with lots of open spaces, some of which are specially designed for pets, and when you come here, you will enjoy the greenery and open openness as you are very close to Gurgaon.

Dog Friendly Resorts Near Gurgaon

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Goa is strategically located in a beautiful area of ​​South Goa, just a 2-minute walk from Arossim Beach and is convenient not only for Goans but also a convenient drive for your pets from neighboring cities like Pune, Mumbai, and even Bengaluru.

Five Star Hotels In India Get More Pet Friendly

Heritage Village Resorts has planned to provide a seamless guest experience that will not only keep your pet happy during your trip, but also keep you equally happy during your time away from city life. At Heritage Village Resort, we guarantee everything to make your pet’s stay comfortable. Our pet services are tailored to the needs of you and your pet. From bedding to specialty pet food menus, we make your favorite vacation destination your pet’s favorite vacation destination, too.

It is important not to neglect your pet’s diet. We have lots of delicious food for you to choose from on your pet’s menu. Our pet menu includes not only pet food, but also treats that both you and your furry friend can share. Oh yes, let’s emphasize that we have treats that both you and your pet can enjoy together without compromising on nutrition.

We also offer an emergency pet checkup if your four-legged friend develops any unexpected complications, so you can be sure your pet’s stay will be safe.

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