Best Dog Friendly Flowers

Best Dog Friendly Flowers – We are grateful for our mothers’ love and care every day. In these difficult times, we may not be able to reach out and hug our mothers, but there are many ways to say thank you for all they do. One of the most popular gifts you can send on Mother’s Day is a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 

If your mom is also a pet sitter, be careful when choosing your Mother’s Day event. Not all flowers are safe for our pets, but don’t worry, the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has put together a handy list of pet-safe flowers you can use to protect your friends. Furry is safe, sound and out of danger. 

Best Dog Friendly Flowers

Best Dog Friendly Flowers

Roses (Rosa sp.), like any flower, can cause mild stomach upset, but are not particularly toxic to pets. But watch out for the thorns! They can cause damage to the mouth and paws. If your pet has chewed on a rose stem and is showing signs of worsening mouth sores or drooling, check his mouth for signs of trauma. If they won’t eat, a visit to the vet may be advisable. Ingestion of large amounts of flower stem material may compromise them due to foreign body obstruction.

Dangerous & Toxic Plants For Dogs To Avoid

Gerbera daisies (Gebera jamesonii) are also known as African daisies, Veldt daisies and Barberton daisies. As with any plant material, vomiting or gastrointestinal distress may occur after ingestion, but contact your veterinarian if symptoms worsen or appear to be easing.

Sunflowers (Helianthus sp.) are a surefire way to brighten up Mother’s Day, and who doesn’t love a flower that creates such a cheerful mood? This is another pleasant flower that, if the plant material is ingested, is unlikely to cause more than mild gastrointestinal symptoms. All parts of the sunflower are edible for humans and are often added to salads, but our pets may not enjoy these foods as much as we do.

Orchids (Cymbidum, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Phalaenopsis sp.) are another safe flower to have around our pets. Thanks to this delicate flower, it is the plant that needs protection from animals! Again, like any “safe” plant, consumption of orchids can cause mild gastrointestinal upset if more than a bite or two is swallowed. Keep them out of your pet’s reach so you can fully enjoy their beauty. 

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majas) is a beautiful flower that can be used as a decoration on a plate. Although these flowers are edible, they do not have much flavor and can be slightly bitter. Cats and dogs may salivate excessively due to the bitter taste. Give them something tasty to kill the taste and everything should be fine. 

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Freesias (Freesia corymbosa) are often used as filler flowers in many bouquets to add a bit of charm. Like the other flowers on this list, they are non-toxic except for the possibility of stomach upset if ingested by our pets.

Limonium (Limonium sp.) and Statice (Limonium leptostachyum) are healthy filler flowers that can also be used in a Mother’s Day bouquet. They will enhance any arrangement you give your mother and are unlikely to cause serious problems if ingested by your pet.

Madagascar jasmine (Stephanotis sp.) has star-shaped white flowers and is a beautiful houseplant that makes a lovely addition to bouquets. Again, this flower can cause mild gastrointestinal symptoms, but shouldn’t pose any other danger to your furry friends.

Best Dog Friendly Flowers

Bouquet flower (Matthiola incana) is often used as a cut flower in bouquets and as an aromatic plant. These flowers are a symbol of joy, success and happiness as well as beauty. What message could be better for a Mother’s Day bouquet?

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Wax flower (Etlingera cevuga) is another flower that is often used as a filler to add variety to floral arrangements. Again, these flowers may cause mild stomach upset in your pet, but do not pose any serious health risk to your companion.

Lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflora) are rose-like flowers and another non-toxic plant to enhance a bouquet. These flowers are often used because of their long vase life, and a bouquet can last for two weeks. These flowers are sure to be appreciated as a Mother’s Day gift!

We understand that curious noses and paws may be interested in Mother’s Day bouquets with safe or poisonous flowers. Better to keep bouquets and arrangements out of reach for everyone to enjoy! 

If you think your pet has ingested something toxic or appears to be having an adverse reaction to something, contact your veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately. A little about the flower shop in general. DIY tips on how to make simple arrangements and our experience of running a flower studio!

Pet Friendly Plants To Grow

Our dogs and cats are members of the family. Like young children, they can be curious about almost anything under the sun. Maybe it’s our precious charger, slippers or whatever you want to call it. They can jump, lick, nibble, rub and even eat. Since the health of our furry friends is a priority, some pet parents may choose to forgo floral arrangements. Don’t worry, not all flowers are harmful to your pets! If you like fresh flowers in your home, here are 5 pet-friendly flowers and some tips on how to protect your pets from poisonous plants.

Roses are generally harmless to our pets. However, when ingested, it may cause mild stomach upset. Be careful with their tears as they can cause scratches if curious friends bump into or chew on them.

Gerbera is a fun and colorful pet-friendly flower that is widely available in Singapore. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that complement many vase and bouquet arrangements. These flowers are not a problem if swallowed. However, since it is not part of your pet’s natural diet, it would be wise to keep them away from their canine friends.

Best Dog Friendly Flowers

These bright, sunny beauties can make any day so much better. Furthermore, there is nothing poisonous about these flowers. This applies to both humans and animals.

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Orchids are another safe option to have around. You don’t have to worry too much if they decide to bite this delicate flower. However, it is the plant that needs protection from our pets. Tip: sprinkle the orchid leaves with powdered cinnamon or cayenne pepper. This will help deter cats as they hate the smell and will leave the plant alone.

Statices are commonly used as filler flowers. If your friends are eating. This is unlikely to cause serious problems.

Asiatic Lilies / Day Lilies are highly toxic to pets, especially cats. If you have a cat, avoid displaying lilies in your home

Of course, we all want to stick to the recommended pet-friendly flowers. However, when you receive it as a gift or when you make an event. Maybe they can only have these flowers. So we have some tips for our flower-loving pet parents to tell your close friends about the types of pet-friendly flowers you want to get, place the flowers somewhere your furry friends can’t access, using natural pets. – repellents such as vinegar spray and sprinkles of cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Before ordering, always check if the flowers are pet-friendly to arrange for yourself or loved ones who live with another furry friend. Poinsettias, holly, conifers and other seasonal plants are! part of the holidays, perfect for decorating your home or giving fun gifts like cookies and stockings. But these and other plants commonly used during the holiday season pose some risk to curious animals who may nibble on the leaves, flowers or drink standing water. And while we don’t want to discourage you from using live plants to decorate your hallways, it’s worth knowing which pet-safe holiday plants are suitable for homes with furry friends and which ones you can’t avoid.

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We asked the plant experts at The Sill to share their advice on pet-safe holiday plants for the most popular specimens used during the season. These recommended plants continue to provide the color and charm that only living plants can provide to the long and often darker days of the winter season, without risk to your pets. Here’s a quick cheat sheet you can share and dig deeper into the whys and wherefores of each plant. Shop The Sill’s entire collection of pet-friendly plants and learn more about the pet-friendly donation box. 

So why aren’t these plants a problem for your pets? Here are the details on the whys and wherefores of pet-safe holiday plant swaps, plus some tips for caring for new plants that are perfect for pets. (Note: To order Pet Safe Swaps directly from The Sill, simply click on each plant name.)

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) has.

Best Dog Friendly Flowers

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