Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants – What better way to spend quality time with your best four-legged friend than to take them to a nice restaurant? Here is a list of some dog friendly restaurants in the UK:

Keep in mind that it’s always best to check with a restaurant beforehand about their dog rules, as rules can change and some locations may have special restrictions or conditions.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

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If you opt out, your information will not be tracked when you visit this website. A cookie will be used in your browser to remember that you do not want to be tracked. Are you looking for a dog friendly restaurant in Malta where you can enjoy a good meal with your dog? Read on for a list of the five best restaurants in Malta (and one in Gozo)!

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One of my favorite things about Malta is the great selection of (cheap) restaurants that offer great food and drink. A perfect Saturday activity in Malta is to spend it visiting the great spots for delicious snacks and cocktails. Or better yet, find a hidden gem that offers something new!

I have always enjoyed enjoying a good meal. So when we adopted our dog, I immediately started checking where we could (and couldn’t) take him. Fortunately, Malta is generally pet friendly with many places that allow dogs. We rarely get turned down when we ask if we can bring our dog with us, and many places are specifically advertised as “pet friendly restaurants”. But which ones are the best?

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Here you will find a list of my favorite dog-friendly restaurants in Malta + one in Gozo.

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I know of no restaurant in Malta that is more dog friendly than Naar. Perfect for after-work drinks, weekend brunch or any-day dinner, I was delighted to learn that dogs are also allowed.

At NAAR, you can get homemade pet treats from the dog menu. You could almost say it’s a pet restaurant!

Naar is an open space where our dog can easily lie down next to our table. The best part is that this restaurant knows how to make a dog happy. Not only do they always have a bowl of water readily available, but they also have their own dog menu.

In this special menu you will find treats for domestic dogs in many different flavors. Whether your dog prefers peanut butter or meat, he’s sure to enjoy a few hours at Naar. In my opinion, this is the best pet-friendly restaurant in Malta.

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Bring your dog to NAAR and order homemade treats for your dog. Order 3 for 1 euro.

Another place that definitely pampers our dog is in the Black Sheep. This is a great restaurant and bar in Sliema and one of my favorite places to attract visitors as there is something for everyone on the menu.

Luckily Bo (our dog) can also come in and join in whether we are sitting outside or inside. They always gave him water right away, but they also gave him treats, including a big plate of bacon. Needless to say, it’s a good time for the whole gang!

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Black Sheep is a great place to take your dog to eat or drink during the day and we even brought Bo out for dinner in the evening.

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Note that although Malta is a pet-friendly restaurant, it is primarily a bar within a restaurant. In the evenings, and especially at weekends, it is better to leave the dog at home if it is exposed to noise or crowds.

At Black Sheep in Sliema, your dog can join the fun both indoors and outdoors. And if you’re lucky, you might even get some bacon!

Like the Black Sheep, the Smokehouse is a weekend favorite. It’s a great place to have a good drink (their cider is amazing), a bite to eat and good company. And in that company, there is usually little Bo, who attracts the attention of both us and the employees.

Last time we visited, we even got a small discount on our bill – to spend on a gift for Bo, thanks to our lovely server. Whether we want to sit inside or outside, our dog is always welcome with us.

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If you go to the Smokehouse, be sure to try the amazing rhubarb cider. Sit outside or inside, your dog is welcome either way.

KuIa started out as a small basement bar/restaurant, but has since moved to a light and airy location on the road. Bringing our dog here was never a problem.

KuIa is a place we keep coming back to and is easily my favorite restaurant in Malta. We enjoy Bao Buns and beer while Bo sleeps listening to soothing music.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Sciacca is one of my favorite restaurants in Malta, and possibly the “finest” on the list. So I was pleasantly surprised when she allowed us to bring our dog to our dinner reservation without hesitation.

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The choice of meat and wine here always results in an amazing meal. The open-plan restaurant allows for comfort, not only for us, but also for Bo, who can snuggle under the booth table or on a blanket on the floor. They also have water bowls on hand, all ready for your four-legged guests.

End your meal at Sciacca with one of its delicious desserts. Your four-legged friend can join the entire meal.

The last restaurant on our list of favorite Maltese dog friendly restaurants is not a Maltese restaurant, but Gozo Joker. Sure there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in Gozo, but the one we visited with our dog (and loved) was Il Gabbiano.

Il Gabbiano in Marsalforno is a wonderful pearl by the sparkling sea. Here you can get the freshest fish, served in the perfect atmosphere to enjoy. The food is amazing, but what makes this restaurant so special is all the dogs running around.

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That’s right, not only is this a dog-friendly restaurant, there are already (usually) several dogs there! This is because the owner has quite a few Shih Tzus that roam around to greet guests or just relax inside. Our little Shi Tzu doesn’t know how he feels about them, but he loves them!

Bring your dog to one of the best restaurants in Gozo. Your dog will probably meet Shih Tzus at Il Gabbiano.

He recommends NAAR, The Black Sheep, The Smokehouse, KuIa and Sciacca as the best dog-friendly restaurants in Malta. In Gozo, Il Gabbiano is a pet-friendly restaurant worth visiting.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Above, you’ll find a list of five amazing restaurants in Malta that allow dogs to join in on the fun, plus a restaurant in Gozo. These are my current favorites, obviously, not only because they’re dog-friendly, but because they offer amazing food and drink for everyone.

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As you may have noticed, the restaurants are in the St Julians/Sliema/Gzira area, simply because we go out to eat or drink nearby. Of course, many more can be added to the list and a top tip is to search for “dog friendly places near me” before you head out. Enjoy!

I hope this guide gives you some inspiration on where to take your dog out for a great meal. Finally, I’ll answer some quick questions and answers about dog-friendly restaurants in Malta.

Malta has many pet-friendly restaurants where you can bring your dog. In addition to dog-friendly restaurants, many shops will also allow dogs (but not large supermarkets such as Towers Supermarket).

There are a lot of dogs in Malta, so you’ll meet a lot of dog owners while you’re away. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many open spaces in nature for dogs to enjoy. I personally found Malta to be very dog-friendly, but not everyone agrees.

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