Free Pet Vaccinations Near Me For Dogs

Free Pet Vaccinations Near Me For Dogs – As part of Petco Love’s plan to provide 1 million pet vaccines, free pet vaccines will be distributed to all patients by the end of February. This includes patients coming in for surgery, vaccine clinics or our new wellness clinics.

The free vaccinations are made possible through Petco Love’s new national vaccination initiative, which will provide 1 million free pet vaccines to existing animal shelter partners, including PEThood, a GA initiative for family pets in need.

Free Pet Vaccinations Near Me For Dogs

Free Pet Vaccinations Near Me For Dogs

Parvovirus and distemper in dogs and panleukopenia in cats are some of the most common diseases affecting pets and can be prevented with simple vaccines. It is estimated that 30% of pet parents do not take their pets to the vet for preventative care each year. To address this important need, we’ve partnered with Petco Love to provide free pet vaccines in an effort to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

Pet Vaccination Event Held By Shelby County Health Department

Planned Pethood of GA aims to vaccinate 3,000 pets through this effort. In addition to providing free services to animals visiting the Duluth clinic, they are hosting a free community service event in Habersham County on Feb. 26 to help underserved areas.

“Thanks to Petco Love, we are able to provide these important vaccines at no cost to pet owners,” said Development Coordinator Lauren Frost. “We encourage community members to take advantage of this free resource and ensure the health and well-being of pets in their community.”

Vaccines distributed through the Petco Love initiative will be the DAPPv dog and HCP cat vaccines, which require a veterinary exam ($15-$25) and surgery.

“It is heartbreaking when a pet suffers or dies from a preventable disease. “Bringing unvaccinated pets into overcrowded shelters makes the situation worse because these deadly diseases can spread rapidly, resulting in multiple deaths, expensive air fares, and can disrupt pets’ lives,” says Petco Love. President Susan Kogut said.

How Much Do Dog Vaccinations Cost?

Petco Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pet communities and families closer, stronger and healthier. Since our founding as the Petco Foundation in 1999, we have strengthened animal welfare organizations by investing $300 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. We’ve partnered with Petco and organizations across the country to help more than 6.5 million pets find loving homes. Today, our love for pets lives on innovating and creating the tools animal lovers need to reunite their lost pets. . Is love calling you? Visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to join the lifesaving work we lead every day.

We help pets and the people who care for them by providing innovative, life-saving programs and affordable services.

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