Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe – Do you love your dog and don’t want to travel without it? We are also animal lovers and have chosen for you the destinations where your dog will not be seen as an alien.

Choose your accommodation at the best price. Click on the ‘Pet Friendly’ option in our filter search list and arrange your loyal friend for a great holiday in the best pet friendly destinations in Europe.

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

Transylvania is the perfect destination for dog lovers who want to discover sublime landscapes, medieval towns, castles and historic centers with their four-legged friends. 

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Transylvania, probably one of the most beautiful regions of Romania, is world famous for its big cities such as Sibiu (twice awarded among the most beautiful destinations in Europe), Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca, Sighișoara, Brasov; these historic cities have an incredible architectural, cultural, religious and gastronomic heritage. 

Perfect for trips with your dog in spring, summer or autumn, Transylvania is worth visiting at Christmas because it has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, especially those in Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca. 

As you walk through the streets of Sibiu, look up: the roofs have eyes! Also, don’t miss visiting Bran Castle, home of Dracula; don’t worry about your dog: Dracula is only interested in human blood.

Discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe during your stay in Romania and make sure you visit sustainable tourist destinations awarded by the European Commission such as Alba Iulia. Not far from there you can discover “Râpa Roșie”, a geological formation that will take you to the landscapes of the American Southwest. Want to blow up your Instagram account? Visit Sighișoara, a city full of colors.

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This year travel with your favorite friend and enjoy a stay with dogs in Romania. Choose the “dog friendly” option and choose from over 100 dog friendly accommodation.

Book your flights to Sibiu and your room at “Continental Forum Sibiu”. It is a dog-friendly hotel in the heart of Sibiu.

Dalmatia, this beautiful region of Croatia that gave its name to the famous “Dalmatian dog”, is clearly an animal-friendly destination.

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

Book your best activities in Dalmatia, such as a visit to Trogir, Split or Krka National Park, and book your pet-friendly hotel at the best price in Dalmatia from our selection of over 1,000 dog-friendly accommodation. Click on the “Pets allowed” option and see all available accommodation in Dalmatia.

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Venice is not only a city of lovers, it is also a city of pet lovers with more than 500 accommodations that accept pets from the most famous palaces such as the Baglioni Hotel Luna or the Westin Europa & Regina to dozens of hotels and affordable apartments; treat your pet to an unforgettable stay in Venice, such as a traditional gondola experience, a boat trip to the island of Murano or a ticket to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Walloons are friendly, pet-friendly people who love their region; is an amazing selection of over 1300 pet friendly hotels in Wallonia. 

Book your hotel at the best price for you and your pet in the most beautiful cities of Wallonia such as Durbuy, Liège, Namur or Mons. Click on the ‘Dwellings Allowed’ option to see all the houses available in Wallonia.

Paris is one of Europe’s top destinations with over 1,000 pet-friendly hotels and apartments. Even the sublime Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg will welcome you and your pet during your stay in Paris.

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Enjoy this warm welcome and let your pet walk in Paris parks such as the Parc des Buttes Chaumont or the Luxembourg Gardens. If your pet wants to rest comfortably in the hotel, take advantage of it and offer yourself one of the best activities in Paris, such as a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or a cruise on the Seine.

Many people stop traveling with their pets because they are not treated with respect or consideration. That won’t happen in a pet-friendly country like Portugal.

The Portuguese are also dog lovers among their many other qualities. More than 400 establishments in Lisbon accept pets. Book your hotel at the best price as well as your best activities for holidays with your pet in Portugal. Don’t forget to click on the “Allowed Homes” option to find out all the houses available.

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

With over 340 pet-friendly hotels, Madrid is one of the best pet-friendly destinations in Europe. Book your friendly accommodation at the best price in Madrid, like the magnificent Westin Palace Hotel.

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If you want to relax during your stay in Madrid, treat yourself to a hotel with a rooftop pool like the Catalunya Gran Via.

Book your pet-friendly hotel in the Spanish capital, as well as top activities such as a guided tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid at the Prado museum. Don’t forget to click on the “Domestic Allowed” option to discover all the accommodation available in Madrid. 

With nearly 300 pet-friendly accommodations, Santorini, the beautiful island in the Aegean Sea, is a paradise for you and your dog. You will enjoy walking through the lanes.

Choose your friendly accommodation in Santorini at the best price, your favorite activities and spend an unforgettable holiday on one of the Greek islands.

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The capital of Latvia is a wonderful destination; chosen by thousands of travelers as one of the best city break destinations in Europe. With over 230 pet-friendly accommodations, Riga is also one of Europe’s top pet-friendly destinations.

Book your hotel, bed and breakfast, guest house, apartment at the best price in Riga, as well as your favorite activities, such as walking around the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture of Riga.

Cadaqués is a charming fishing village where the eccentric Salvator Dalí spent his holidays as well as his more modest but equally brilliant friend, Marcel Duchamp.

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

Enjoy a piece of art history, sun and blue waters in this magnificent destination. Choose from more than 130 establishments that accept pets, hotels, apartments, at the best price for holidays under the sun of Cadaqués. Click on the “Homes allowed” option to discover all the houses available in Cadaqués.

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More than 50 establishments allow pets in Bruges. The city is the perfect destination for travelers with pets. Discover all the beauty and treasures of Bruges with your pet.

Book your hotel at the best price and your favorite activities in Bruges, such as a private walking tour or beer and chocolate tasting in Bruges. Click on the ‘Dwellings Allowed’ option to see all the accommodation available in Bruges. Traveling with your dog together requires some preparation for both of you. In this new dog blog post we’ve rounded up 13 unique pet destinations in Europe. Fortunately, Europe has many places for dogs. But which country in Europe has the most dogs?

When traveling with your dog in Europe, it is important to know all the pet policies of specific destinations. Like the accommodation and activities that interest you. Many hotels, restaurants and other public places in Europe allow pets, but it’s always a good idea to check in advance to make sure your dog will be welcome.

It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with local pet laws or regulations, as these can vary from place to place. By doing some research and planning in advance, you can ensure that your trip with your dog is enjoyable and stress-free. Where in Europe can you travel with you? Read our best European cities for dogs!

Every Dog Has Its Day

The country of Slovenia is one of Europe’s hidden gems. Located between Italy and Croatia, it is one of our favorite countries in all of Europe. It has beautiful mountain scenery, lots of history and some coastline, not to mention it’s more affordable than neighboring countries (although most of the young people speak English). Plus, it’s a lovely country for dogs!

Slovenia is a pet-friendly country and it is generally easy to travel with your dog in Slovenia. Many hotels and restaurants in Slovenia are pet-friendly, and there are also many parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces where you can enjoy time with your dog.

When traveling with your dog in Slovenia, it is a good idea to have a valid rabies vaccination certificate for your dog, as this is required by law. It is also a good idea to keep your dog on a lead and under control at all times, as this is required by law in many public places. You should also be prepared to clean up after your dog, as this is also required by law in many areas.

Dog Friendly Holidays Europe

It’s also a good idea to research the specific destinations you’ll be visiting in Slovenia to see if they have any additional requirements or restrictions for pets. By following these guidelines and being a responsible pet owner, you and your dog can have a great time exploring all that Slovenia has to offer.

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