Best Dog Friendly Hikes Los Angeles

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If your dog isn’t a fan of the beach, why not spend time together enjoying some of Southern California’s great hikes? Mountains, forests, and deserts can be found within a short drive of most residential areas of Southern California, sometimes even within the city limits! Here are 13 dog-friendly hikes in Southern California that you can explore in 2024.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Los Angeles

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Los Angeles

The equipment on these 13 Southern California hiking trails varies widely. For your safety, always carry water and trash bags. Keep your dog on a leash unless you are determined for your own safety and to protect local wildlife. Southern California is home to predators and snakes that pose a threat to your dog. Stay alert, be prepared and always check the weather. These precautions can help you and your dog enjoy the beauty of Southern California.

It’s A Dog Day Morning, Afternoon & Night In La: Dog Friendly Hikes And Parks In Los Angeles

Elizabeth Gray has always been a lover of all animals, big and small. He got his first cat at the age of 5 and at the age of 14 he started working at a local veterinarian. Elizabeth spent more than 20 years working as a veterinary nurse before leaving to be a stay at home mum to her daughter. Now, he’s happy to share his hard-earned knowledge (literally – he’s wounded) with readers. Elizabeth lives in Iowa with her family, including her two fur children, Linnard, a husky mix, and Algernon, the world’s most patient cat. When not writing, he enjoys reading, watching all sports, but especially soccer, and spending time outdoors with his family. Today I want to bring you my guide to the best dog walks in Los Angeles. If you love your four-legged friends as much as you enjoy the ocean views and incredible views of Southern California, this list will show you some of the best places to hike with your child in Los Angeles. From Palos Verdes to Griffith Park, from coastal mountains to mountain trails, you have everything you need. I have also included a map.

Given how much Los Angeles residents love their furry friends, there are plenty of dog-friendly walks in Los Angeles County. Whether you want to head to the South Bay, Hollywood, or beyond, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to dog walking in this part of the Golden State.

And that’s not to mention the terrain. Do you like cranes? There are walks for you and your dog. Do you like views of the Pacific Ocean? LA has it all for you. What? do you want sunny roads, hills or mountains? To control. To control. To control.

Recently I’ve been walking a lot with my boyfriend and his Mini Goldendoodle in Los Angeles. From Rancho Palos Verdes to Santa Monica, we covered a lot of ground. This list contains my favorites. The pup loved it as much as we did and we can personally recommend it.

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I’ll be adding more hikes to this blog post as I make them so you can bookmark or pin them to Pinterest for easy reference. Considering how much we love hiking in SoCal, I know I’ll be doing another one soon.

As with all hikes in Southern California, be sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog, a blanket or towel for your car in case Fido gets dusty or muddy, a leash (sounds obvious, but I’ve seen it happen) , and bags to clean up after any dirt left on the trail.

If the day is hot, consider starting your trip in the early morning or afternoon. This is especially true if you are hiking on a trail with little or no shade. This will help keep your dog as cool as possible while you are out and about.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Los Angeles

Don’t forget to watch for coyotes, rattlesnakes and poison oak along the trail. Be sure to check yourself and your furry friends for ticks after your walk. They are present on several trails in Los Angeles County and can cause Lyme disease in humans and dogs.

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First on my list of the best dog-friendly hikes in Los Angeles is Portuguese Bend Preserve in Rancho Palos Verdes. Four-legged friends are allowed on a leash here, and it’s a popular spot for hiking and enjoying views of the Pacific Ocean.

Located southeast of Del Cerro Park, Portuguese Bend Park is a 399-acre park on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Established in 2005, it is the largest preserve within Palos Verdes National Park at 1,400 acres. It is known for its steep hills, large canyons and rocky cliffs.

The extensive network of trails in the Reserva da Curva Portuguesa is open to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers. It’s a great place to get outside and enjoy the scenery of Southern California.

There are many trails to choose from, and they vary in length and difficulty. Given the nature of the park, remember that wherever you climb, you’ll have to climb back down again.

Best Hikes And Trails In L.a. To Get Outdoors And View The City

My boyfriend, his dog and I enjoyed the loop starting at the Burma Road trailhead. It is the main road leading from the Crenshaw Blvd entrance. The views of the coast and Catalina Island are spectacular from here.

The walk takes a total of 2 hours. It’s a great way to get outside and take in some of the best views of the area at the same time. Although somewhat challenging, the hills are not too steep for our liking. Overall, we really enjoyed it.

If this trip interests you, you can find the route, details and map in my blog post about the Reserva da Curva Portuguesa hike.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Los Angeles

Next on my list of the best dog hikes in Los Angeles is San Vicente Mountain Park. The high-rise has everything from the famous Mulholland Park to the old Nike rackets site. Located in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, it’s a great place to hang out.

Dog Friendly Road Trip Ideas In Los Angeles

San Vicente Mountain Park is located east of the Santa Monica Mountains, west of the 405 Freeway and above Encino Park. With an area of ​​10.2 hectares, this place is steeped in history and is fun to explore by walking around the area.

This round trip starts on Mulholland Drive and is approximately 2 miles round trip. There is a wide, gently sloping dirt road that leads from the paved part of the road to the old military reservation. An easy hike, it includes flat terrain, great views and little elevation gain.

The walk takes about an hour to complete. If you and your dog are in good shape, you will be able to do this quickly. If you want to spend some time exploring the location of the rockets (it’s worth it), you can also consider this.

There are many other dog trails that lead from the rocket site, so if you want a longer walk, you can definitely do one. From the Canyonback Trail to the West Mandeville Fire Trail to Mulholland Park itself, there are plenty of options.

L.a.’s Best Dog Friendly Hikes: Trails, Beaches, Parks

If this hike interests you, you can find details and a map in my blog post about hiking in San Vicente Mountain Park.

Next on my list of dog-friendly excursions in Los Angeles is the one to Mount Hollywood. This moderately challenging walk is a great option if you and your dog want to walk outside in Griffith Park.

Located in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains, Griffith Park covers 4,210 acres of natural and scenic terrain. It is one of the largest municipal parks with urban wilderness in the United States and is a popular hiking spot in Los Angeles.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Los Angeles

Not least because its extensive network of trails offers great views of everything from downtown Los Angeles to Century City, the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign and other Los Angeles landmarks.

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My boyfriend, his dog and I climbed Mount Hollywood and came back here. After parking in the Merry Go Round Lot, we followed the Fern Canyon Trail to the Upper Beacon Trail, then turned right and continued overlooking the beautiful views of Vista Del Valle Drive. From there, we took the Hogback Trail to Dante’s Lookout.

The walk took about 2.5 hours in total. We left at 9:30 in the hot morning and wished we had left earlier. That was our only regret as the trail was beautiful and the views were worth the hike.

If you’d like to do this hike, you can see a map of the Griffith Park trails here. There are many ways to get your dog.

Next on my list of dog friendly hikes in Los Angeles is the West Mandeville Fire Trail in Mandeville Canyon. This moderately challenging hike near Brentwood and Santa Monica is ideal if you like open trails with views.

The 5 Best East Bay Parks With Dog Friendly Hiking Trails

The 3.64-mile Old Mountain Road at the east end of Topanga State Park offers great opportunities to enjoy the canyon views with your dog. At the top, it connects to Mulholland Drive and San Vicente Mountain Park.

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