Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation

Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation – Deciding where to put down roots is a difficult calculation for any parent. Do you need to live near family? What about the school system? How long can you tolerate being at work? What can you give with home advantage?

This delicate balance can have major consequences – academic research shows that moving to a new home during childhood can negatively affect a child’s school performance, behavior and social skills.

Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation

Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation

Finding the right place for your family is not only important for the children, but also for you. After all, transportation is not only emotional, but also expensive. Staying in the same state will cost an average of $1,250 in moving costs alone, which doesn’t include the cost of finding a new apartment, and moving between states can cost around $5,000.

Best Places To Raise A Family In America (2023)

We wanted to use the data to find out which cities are the best (and worst) for families, so we compared hundreds of cities on a variety of metrics, including things like housing affordability, access to parks, crime rates, and more. it. attractive environment for parents and children.

We found that there is a large geographic difference between the top cities, although the Midwest dominates the top 10. In contrast, every city in the top 10 is in the South or West.

To provide an apples-to-apples comparison, we searched our list of 65 US cities and counties for which data is available in all the categories we measure. You can jump to the bottom of the page to read our instructions, but here’s a quick explanation of how to read the general situation: the smaller the city number, the more attractive it is to grow a family.

The two cities in the upper Midwest, about a four-hour drive apart, ranked No. 1 and No. 111, making the city of about 250,000 one of the best in the nation for 10 references. . Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota’s Twin Cities, came in second with a total score of 131, well behind Madison but well ahead of peers Washington and Boston.

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Every region of the country is represented in the top ten, with the Midwest taking two top spots and four spots in the top ten. In the West, three cities are in the top ten, with the District of Columbia as the only southern city in the top ten.

The average score among all cities is 312, with a total of 27 cities receiving more. In this group of states, Ohio has three, and California and Wisconsin each have two.

Tucson is the worst place on our list, but Tucson is hot on the heels of Bakersfield, California, with only five points separating the two cities. California has four cities in the top 10, while Texas has two.

Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation

Let’s take a closer look and find out why the 15 most active cities earned their place on our list by analyzing 10 metrics for each:

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We see how the best in town are doing; Now let’s look at why low-ranking countries achieve the results they do:

We give each category equal weight in our analysis, but for some families access to parks may be less important than crime rates, while for other families certain areas may be more valuable. Now let’s take a look at the best and worst cities in each of the categories considered:

As they say, it takes a whole village to raise a child. For parents who have the freedom to choose where to put down roots, it is clear that some villages are better than others. Our analysis shows that only a few cities do well in all areas, and depending on what matters most to you, the differences can be huge. While it doesn’t guarantee happiness or long-term success in life, healthy child development means living in an environment that gives them as many opportunities as possible.

We mentioned our process above, but here’s the full process and resources for each database we used to calculate our rankings:

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Methodology: We collected data for hundreds of the largest US cities in each category, and because not every city has data available for all categories, we limited our data to cities where we could find data for all (or nearly all) categories. That leaves us with the top 65 US cities, ranked from best to worst (1-65), and then adding each city’s ranking in each category to create an overall ranking from best to worst. Cities with smaller numbers have data that provide a better picture of families than cities with larger numbers.

Crime Rate: We calculate the average crime rate for each city/metro area using data published by the FBI. This applies to violent crimes and property crimes.

Household income: We used data from the US Census Bureau, which reports median annual household income by city and/or metropolitan area.

Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation

Poverty rate: We use a table from the Census Bureau that shows the percentage of households below the poverty line in each city.

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Proximity to parks: We used data showing the percentage of people in each city who live within 10 minutes of a park; This information is published by the Trust for Public Lands.

Housing affordability: The percentage of a household’s monthly income that is paid for rent is calculated by dividing the household’s average annual income by 12 and dividing the average monthly rent by that amount.

High School Completion: We use a Census Bureau table showing the percentage of people in each city age 25 and older who have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Food Security: We use data from the Center for Food Research, which calculates the percentage of families with children in each city who are experiencing food insecurity or insecurity, meaning the family’s inability to obtain food. For many cities, data is not available and in these cases national level data have been substituted.

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Health Insurance: We calculated the percentage of children with health insurance based on a table published by the Census Bureau.

Unemployment Rate: We use the latest available unemployment rate for each city or metropolitan area, published monthly by the US Department of Labor. The evolution of remote work is expected to accelerate in the coming years, and this change opens up a new world of challenging opportunities that can arise when choosing to “home base.”

To this day, parents often struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work and providing the best possible quality of life for their children. Increased home work options and employer flexibility reduce this pressure and allow parents or those looking to start a family to choose the best place to raise their children.

Where Is The Best Place For A Family Vacation

Our new research, which aims to inspire parents and parents-to-be who want to change their perspective, while also considering the possibilities for their children’s development, reveals the best European cities in which to raise a family.

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Examining more than 130 European cities in three categories: “Education”, “Health & Safety” and “Entertainment & Lifestyle”, we assign each city a score based on a combination of factors such as teacher-student ratio, educational attractions, sports facilities. , free health care, maternity/paternity maternity leave and others. 

At the top of the list is Funchal, located on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The city, which scored well in all three categories, offers the second best health and safety outlook on the continent, third place in the Education category and seventh in the Funmi and Life category. Funchal topped the charts thanks to its low crime rate, low air pollution and low transport costs. Portugal’s student-teacher ratio is still slightly behind the top ten in Europe, ranking 11th.  

After Funchal, the second best place in Europe to raise a child is Trieste in northern Italy. The port city may be small, but its many educational attractions, recreational opportunities and free healthcare make it a great contender in the fight for children’s education and well-being.

Success belongs to Portugal, because the second Portuguese city is in the top three – Lisbon is the third best city in Europe for raising children. In addition to having the best teaching staff in the country, Lisbon also does well, boasting one of the five highest levels of air quality, many educational attractions and one of the ten highest scores for most compulsory education in Europe.

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In fourth place is Reykjavík, Iceland, which boasts the best teacher-student ratio on the continent. The city is also the second best choice for sports and leisure facilities, with only three other cities in Europe surpassing 280 days of paid maternity leave. Prague in the Czech Republic followed suit

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